Dear Friends,

Here is the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors of the Friends of CCMNH, which will be voted on at the January 9 annual meeting.  You will notice that we have several open positions!

Please consider joining the board.  You can tell it’s fun, since every one of our current members opted to serve again!

And we will be working with the Museum on some new projects this year, for which we would dearly love to have your help.  For a list of upcoming activities click here. Your input on any of these events (or others!) is needed.

We will happily take nominations from the floor during the meeting, or get in touch with us to put your name on the ballot in advance. If you have some questions,  check out our website at, or give one of us a call. Thanks for considering.

Happy holidays!


President:  Alison Rilling, term begins 2/1/18, term expires 2/1/20
Vice President:  Ruth Courtnell, term begins 2/1/18, term expires 2/1/20
Treasurer:  Terry Cordner, term began 2/1/14, term expires  2/1/19
Secretary:  Julie O’Neil, term began 2/1/16, term expires 2/1/19
Past President:  Bill Barber, term began 2/1/16, term expires 2/1/19

Members At Large

Term began 2/1/13, term expires 2/1/19
Alice Berry
Fred Budreski

Term began 2/1/15, term expires 2/1/1​9
Myles Marcus

Term began 2/1/17, term expires 2/20
Anne Best
Jan Evans
Lois Katanik

Term begins 2/1/18, term expires 2/21