Pruning with Confidence
with Will Clarke

Tuesday March 12, 2019

Potluck & Program Meeting in the Auditorium
Potluck 12:30
Friends Update 1:15
Program 1:30 – 2:30pm
Program is free. Museum exhibits are not open.

Will has been an active member of the Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod since 1988 when he left a career in Marine Science to start Perennial Solutions a landscape gardening business. He is a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist and a long-time member of the Ecological Landscaping Alliance.

Late Winter to Early Spring Is Time to Do Most Pruning

By learning a few basic techniques, how plants grow, and, most importantly, why you’re pruning, you can approach any pruning job with confidence. You may want to maintain a plant at a certain size or shape. You may want to remove dead, weak, damaged, diseased or insect-infested wood.

Just before spring growth begins is an excellent time to prune summer-flowering plants. They’ll form flower buds on the new growth that pops out in early spring.

For spring-flowering plants such as azaleas or rhododendron, wait until they finish blooming so long-awaited flowers that have formed on last year’s growth can bloom.

The Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod is part of the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, which was enacted by Congress in 1914 to provide the public with education, information, and practical applications of new research through the Land Grant Universities (of which UMass is one.) It is supported by your county, state and federal funds.

Pruning with Confidence!
Will Clarke, Master Gardener and Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist

Potluck Assignments (by first letter of last name)
A-F: Dessert
G-P: Appetizer or Salad
Q-Z: Main Entree