On a perfect Cape Cod morning ​f​​​ive​ members of Gardening for Life met at the Chatham Bars Inn Farm​ in Brewster. ​Although tours are not usually available during the summer,  employee Mallory Kender gave us an extra gracious one because we were from CCMNH!  A Brewster native who returned to the Cape after college, Mallory offered us opportunities to smell and taste some of the beautiful flowers and vegetables as we walked around the grounds while she responded to our many questions, including “Why aren’t the blueberry bushes protected?” The answer, “There is enough here to share with the birds and other critters,” was a statement that greatly pleased the Gardening for Life visitors!

Mallory Kender

Before we left, Mallory packed up for us a box of the biggest cherry tomatoes in many warm shades I have ever seen, which we then shared at Dee Anson’s family homestead, a short distance down the road.  Just as the Gardening for Life members often have coffee together after a work shift, Dee provided us with many treats in her antique-filled dining room, including a delicious lemon cake whose recipe has been a favorite of her family for several generations.

For me, who will be returning to Baltimore at the end of the summer, the morning reinforced how beautiful Brewster is and how enjoyable it is to look behind its gates to see the many choices there are here for a life enhanced by nature.

Post and photos by Doris Shiffman

Ann Harris, Doris Shiffman, Alice Berry, Shirley Vautin, Dee Anson