A hearty thank you to all who swam out for Potting Day 2017!

We had a dozen CCMNH Friends & volunteers in the morning, and whizzed through the planting. In fact, several volunteers had to be forced to go in out of the rain and have lunch, so that there would be enough left for the visiting Vermont teenagers (photo above) who were on a service trip to the Cape.

About 14 teenagers descended on the tent after lunch and in an hour and a half had potted up the remaining 200 seedlings, before heading out through the rain for a hike to Wing’s Island.

Everyone was good-natured despite the constant drizzle and occasional downpour.

If you missed Potting Day, you can join us any Thursday morning at 9 for Thirsty Thursdays, when we water, weed, and do other interesting gardeny things.