Join us on Wednesday, March 8, 2017
1 – 3 pm when Jan Evans will lead a discussion of THE GENIUS OF BIRDS by Jennifer Ackerman

Jan writes,
​Well-researched and beautifully written, Ackerman’s work contends that the bird world is rife with examples of various levels of unexpected intelligence. From tool-making to navigation, from playing tricks to memorizing large volumes of detail, many different bird species contribute to Ackerman’s contention that to be called a “bird brain” is indeed a compliment rather than a criticism.

As Grant McCreary of says, “…birds are often seen as interesting, and occasionally smart. But genius?” Ackerman clarifies her use of this term for us: “In this book, genius is defined as the knack for knowing what you’re doing – for ‘catching on’ to your surroundings, making sense of things, and figuring out how to solve your problems.” She tells “the story of birds with extraordinary abilities or skills” in six areas: technical, social, musical, artistic, spatial, and adaptive.

Food for thought, and lots to talk about! We’ll be in the Hay Room. Everyone is welcome, and there’s no charge!

Questions? Contact the Friends at, or call the Museum office at 508-896-3867.

Lively discussion ensues at the January Read on the Wild Side meeting