The Friends of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History has long played a major role in the life of the Museum. Originally started as a fundraising group, the Friends has evolved into an organization that supports the Museum’s mission in numerous ways – fiscal, educational, promotional. A large part of our mission is to build community among the Museum’s volunteers.

That’s why we’ve started this website.  We hope it will serve as a sort of community bulletin board, a place to share information on the events, issues and people that make CCMNH such a vibrant and beloved place, behind the scenes as well as in the public eye.

And it’s another place for you to volunteer! If you’d like to be involved in putting together, let us know.  We need ideas and suggestions.  And we need photos – we’d love to post pictures you’ve taken around the museum grounds, the mudflats, the trails, or elsewhere on the Cape.

Questions? Contact us at