Mike Bald

Sunday April 29, 2018

My world revolves around four subject areas: non-native invasive plants, sustainability, organic farming, and youth education. I frequently weave these thematic areas into one another to better serve clients and the communities where I work.

My personal and professional goal is to work with communities and schools to further awareness of sustainability issues and to demonstrate how individuals and local organizations can better steward their natural resources. That is the reasoning behind the Got Weeds? approach… I simply believe that people (consumers and landowners) should have choices and complete information as they make important decisions.

Nine years in non-native invasive plant control work as a self-employed contractor and while serving on the Green Mountain National Forest inspired me to start my own company in 2010-2011. I have since become more and more focused on “the danger plants”, as I refer to them, because I see a real need to keep them out of our agricultural and public spaces. These species include giant hogweed and wild parsnip, which I control actively, and even poison ivy, which I seek to control indirectly by maintaining and improving healthy, diverse plant communities.

My service offerings center on exotic plant control for organic farmers, growers, and anyone who wishes to pursue a long-term, non-chemical approach on their landscape. I seek to improve sites over time, from a soil health perspective as well as in native diversity. Most importantly, I like to empower people to steward their own land. The footprints of the farmer are not only the best fertilizer, as the saying goes, but they are also the best pesticide. With that in mind, I include consults, training, and site planning as additional services.