Museum Friends and volunteers as well as members of the public are invited to help pave the Path to Nature Education through the newly-planted wildlife-friendly Bobbie Williams Native Plant Garden.

Inscribed bricks will be added to the sidewalk that leads through the Bobbie Williams Garden to the door of the Summer Classroom. Each brick is $100, and the proceeds benefit the Museum’s mission and programs.

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Brick order forms are also available at the Museum.

For more information, please call Fred at (508) 237 7706, or contact us at

Longtime Volunteer and Friend of CCMNH Bobbie Williams played an important role in developing the museum’s educational programs for both children and adults. The KidSummer Classroom Building and the beautiful Bobbie Williams Garden were developed in her honor.

The Friends of CCMNH designed the garden to demonstrate that native plants can make a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing garden while at the same time helping wildlife.  Every plant* is native to Cape Cod or the northeast, and has been selected because it provides food or shelter to one or more of the wild birds, mammals, and insects that call Cape Cod home.

*One species in the garden is a wash-ashore:  Bobbie’s Boxwoods.  Although different varieties of boxwood are native to many parts of the world, none are native to North America.  But gardeners grow some plants just because they like them, and we have included boxwoods among our natives because Bobbie liked them. These are from her own garden!

Alice Berry’s grandchildren Elin and Sam show off their bricks. Photos by Theresa Izzo.